I started off gaming in the early 90’s when I was around 3 years old. My dad had just purchased a 486, and along with it, some shareware floppies of Doom, Duke Nukem, and Rise of the Triad. First person shooters were my bread and butter, and using the BFG for the first time in Quake was honestly a magical moment. A couple years passed, and I moved onto Quake 3, and I had another magical moment with the rocket launcher. Blasting myself into the air to meet an opponent as they descend, blowing them into tiny bits… I get teary eyed thinking of it as a grown ass man.

I like arena shooters; I like how fast paced they are, how dying is sometimes the quickest way to getting the upperhand, and how frequently knowing what to do isn’t as important as knowing when to do it. I’ve been developing games for most of my life, mostly as a form of self expression, an outlet for my creativity. I’ve used UDK for some time, but since Unreal Engine 4 was announced, I’ve been developing a great deal with it. It’s easy to use, and as an IDE, I don’t think there is anything better at the moment that can give you the same results.

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A lot of back end work has been done since these screenshots were taken, though, I’ve lost a bit of steam overall in its development. I typically develop something until it is no longer fun, and move onto something else. More than anything, this has been an exercise in the ground up basics of developing a first person shooter, animating models, rigging them, and optimizing performance for lower end rigs. Realistically, I’ll need to start over to be happy with Mages Acension going forward; hindsight might be 20/20, but I must have been blind going into this — I did some stupid, hacky, short term things to get the game working half decently, and these hacks are what really limited the game from progressing.

In total, I had about 15 working spells, a blink mechanic, and multiplayer working. The game aspect was a little lacking, since scoreboards, timers, and re-spawning never saw the light of day in any public / alpha release.