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Stranger Things

Neon Electric

Neon Electric takes place in the near-far future, where democracy has died, and Mega Corporations have taken its place. The world has been privatized; private roads, private militaries and police forces, privatized healthcare and science; all built around a culture...

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A Light through the Window

Unreal Engine 4.12 came out, and I set up this scene to test out some of the rendering features. This is the more realistically lit version of two videos I created, but even this uses a slight bump to emissive on the leaves to make the foliage 'pop'. The second video...

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A simple test I put together to create non-euclidean gameplay. This is one example of implementation, but I initially implemented this in Blueprint, and would later redo it in C++. Current implementations are much, much more efficient than what's displayed in the...

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Journey to Mistwitch

Children are missing. Locals whisper Mistwitch, not the name of a person, but of a village. You must find out where they are, or what happened. This is a walking simulator that lost steam as I transitioned it to an Oculus controller setup.    Made in Unreal...

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Arden is spirtually a successor to Ultima Online. This was an early attempt at making a multiplayer game, and I did just about everything wrong. This project has been abandoned, but pieces of it still appear in current projects, like Dark.  

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Spaceman. A game about a spaceman, saving cats and dogs, and the entire universe along the way. Windows | Android

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